Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is already an acclaimed pharmaceutical company founded in 2006. Today, in the fast world we live a new drug is discovered in a purposeful way in response to fulfill the clinical need. Balkan’s products have already proven to be effective, innovative, made of high quality, not too expensive and useful. Read more...

The Target
The main target of the Company is to help people to have a healthier life, to live longer, and to be happy. In order to achieve excellent results, Balkan Pharmaceuticals continues to work tirelessly to bring the most innovative, effective and cutting-edge treatments to patients. They are making a lot of researches to reach the result of producing high-quality drugs against various diseases. The company is also focusing on a wide range of disease areas including immunology/dermatology, oncology, neuroscience, infectious diseases and respiratory boasting with high-end innovative drugs.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals has its main mission to produce/develop and offer its patients only qualitative drugs, at affordable prices. Generally speaking, drug development is known as a costly and intensive process, so many famous pharmaceutical companies that have already been in this business for many years have gained a fortune. The mission of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is to create useful and qualitative drugs to help its consumers, but not to make money.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals decided to produce and sell drugs at reasonable prices due to many donations that were done to this corporation. This means that Balkan is a pharmacy model of corporate social responsibility that reached its task of offering a big selection of new/innovative drugs that are safe and that meet the highest quality standards and requirements.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a Romanian-based company but had registered its first drug in 2009 on the Ukrainian market proven to be one of best quality. In 2010, Balkan Pharmaceuticals won the government procurement program, which allowed the pharmacy to deliver its products to public hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. The company now expands its manufacturing campus in a more complex building in Singera, Moldova. At the moment, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the biggest company in Eastern Europe that develops and creates a big amount of qualitative and effective medicines. The Company owns two manufacturing facilities with a total of 150 employees – doctors, technologists, chemists, programmers, engineers.
All of them are professional specialists. It is the goal of the company to create a skillful and qualified staff, here in Moldova, that matches all toughness of the work needed to be acquainted in the pharmaceutical production. In order to be updated with the latest techniques, products, and drugs quality, Balkan Pharmaceuticals is often inviting professional specialists from abroad, including Ukraine, Romania, and other European countries. At the moment, the Company produces over 220 drugs of different forms and dosages. Also, it offers a vast selection of hormonal drugs, anti-tumor drugs, medications that act on the nervous and cardiovascular system, digestive, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and other drugs. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is one of the most important Romanian investment, of the last years with more millions of euros invested in the new factory building in Singera, Moldova. The new campus is modernly equipped, has advanced systems, with some of them being unique even in Europe. It will allow the company to expand and grow, as well as to produce more products of best quality. The pharmacy industry is very sever and strictly, so this is why the campus in Singera has an area of more than ten thousand square meters, meeting all the GMP (good manufacturing practice) standards of business and regulatory needs. It is the company’s responsibility to determine the most effective and efficient quality process. At the new factory, there were installed the latest advanced systems to ensure its proper functioning and to provide a safe, as well as a pleasant, environment to all its professional specialists. The development of any drug has a complex way and requires perfect accuracy. This process is monitored remotely, through an automated and advanced monitoring system, with an access-control system ensuring the sterility of the finished drug and of the raw materials. Our best engineers, that are involved in our project, admit that this is an expensive system from the technical point of the view, and in Moldova, they don’t have such advanced systems.
Our Employees
Balkan Pharmaceuticals cares about its employees and values their requirements, security, and satisfaction. It is always important to have a pleasant environment with modern equipment and a satisfied staff. This is why the company maintains a pleasant and positive environment to motivate its employees and feel them valued to the company. They try to offer the best working conditions, modern equipment, a stable work schedule, good and motivated salaries – depending on the position. The company’s belief is that when you have a respectful attitude toward your employees/team, than the feedback is the same. In order to maintain a successful hierarchy and a steady growth of the company, Balkan Pharmaceuticals attracts and maintains one of the best professionals, even from abroad. This is the company’s philosophy to fully contribute to the development of its employees, so they could grow professionally, expand their skills, as well as to offer them the possibility to advance in their careers, both professional and personal.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals cares much about product protection and their trustworthiness. Many pharmaceutical companies may counterfeit their drugs, and this may affect their loyal users of not having the needed result, as well as to harm the reputation of the company’s products. Balkan Pharmaceuticals takes care of their consumers and is often developing various techniques of protecting its products, thus ensuring its patient’s safety and trustworthiness. The company releases sophisticated packaging, with many hints and elements of identity, both visual as tactile, which makes almost impossible to counterfeit Balkan products. First, and maybe one of the safest technique against piracy is company’s Online Product Verification System – UPIC. This is a safe way to verify if the drug you bought is authentic or fake. The authenticity of the drug may be checked on the UPIC website. Introducing a code from the pack, the consumer will find all the information about that drug such as: the generic name, batch number, product’s validity, and the production date. This website will offer you all the information about the product you have bought and its validity and authenticity, as well as how many times that page was accessed. These details can be considered as a trusted index of product authenticity because each of Balkan product has its own unique number – so when the system detects that the code was introduced too often it identifies a suspicious problem and reports it to the company. If there are too many checks on a product, then this indicate that the product is fake. Balkan’s recent invention is the customized hologram placed on each product’s package to make it impossible to counterfeit. The holograms contain a complex of images, making it really complicated to be duplicated. All the holograms on these packages make Balkan products unique and certified. The holograms on the packages of tablets will be marked as “TABLETS”, while those of ampules will be marked as “INJECTABLES.” It is always important to make your clients satisfied with your products, especially when it comes to medicines – as they are so important when you have a problem and you have to treat it safely.
Balkan Pharmaceuticals is always working on maintaining the high quality of its products in order to protect its consumers from fake drugs and make you to pay closer attention to the distinctive elements of the original packages.

Pharmacies nowadays make the best profit through developing and commercializing innovative medicines, making us believe that their drugs are treating us from different diseases and helping us leave a better and happier life. Balkan Pharmaceuticals has a good perspective to grow and become one of leading pharmaceuticals in the world.

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