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Tbol Results

Turinabol is an oral anabolic steroid that is famous because is effective, yet is not very dangerous in side effects. This is one of the very few steroids that were created specifically for the purpose of physique and performance enhancement and it does greatly helps with such needs.

Taken in consideration that the compound is so helpful, not very dangerous in side effects and is pretty popular, is no wonder that many beginners search to use this compound. But before actually using it, many people are wondering what are Turinabol results.


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In this article, we would talk about Tbol results more specifically so you could understand what you may receive when using Turinabol.

Turinabol Builds Lean Muscle Mass


The reason why Tbol results are so deeply appreciated is mainly because Turinabolis going to help users to gain dry lean muscle mass – the muscles that are not watery and most of which will be lost after the cycle, but dry gains that are good looking and long lasting.

Nonetheless, is important to understand that one of the possible reasons why Turinabol is not as popular as some other orally active steroids is because Tbol is not going to help you build an immense amount of muscle mass.

  • Turinabol’s bigger brother – Dianabol, is known to help users add about 10-15 lbs of mass in the first days of starting the Dbol cycle, that’s one of the reasons why Dbol is such a famous compound. You definitely won’t add as much mass with Tbol. Nonetheless, is important to understand that most of that mass is just water and glycogen which is disappearing with time.
  • On the other hand, Tbol is going to help you grow muscles, but those won’t be ballooned muscles with water, but dry muscles. That’s why Turinabol is an extremely good kick starter for a cycle too, it won’t add as much weight, but you gain lean and dry muscle mass.

Often, Turinabol is used with a testosterone base steroid and that’s going to offer an overall result in about 10-15 lbs of lean and dry muscles at the end of Tbol cycle.

Turinabol Increases Strength and Performance


Except for the fact that Turinabol makes you look much better since you add dry muscles, you are becoming more powerful too.

Users of Tbol reported an overall increase in their maximum lifts in the gym. Except for becoming more powerful with boosted strength levels, Turinabol greatly helps to boost other aspects of performance such as: agility, energy, endurance, speed, stamina etc.

So, Turinabol is great for:

  • Dramatic increase in strength and performance levels from the first few weeks of using Tbol. The compound boosts your motivation and makes you perform way better and longer.
  • Big increase in recovery rate. Except for much better performance, individual is capable to train much often too, because of much faster recovery rate and much efficient recovery. That’s immensely important for those who want to gain size.

Turinabol is Great For Pumps and Vascularity


This is a cosmetic steroid too, that’s why those people that want to look better, simply to impress girls, or before a competition or show, would benefit from using Turinabol.

Tbol results in terms of making you improve your physical appearance is amazing. It would offer the “swole” look both in and outside the gym. All along with vascularity and less body fat.

Without water retention and bloating, and less water to cover the muscles, you are going to look way fuller and much more vascularity.

Turinabol Enhances the Effects of other Anabolic Steroids

Tbol is great when added in a cycle with other steroids. That’s because Turinabol binds to SHBG and that’s going to suppress the level of this hormone.

As a result, Turinabol allows more free testosterone to be used by your body and system and therefore, other steroids are getting enhanced effects, so you grow more muscles.

  • NOTE! This is one of the reasons why Turinabol is used with other steroids.

Turinabol Offers Side Effects

Tbol results are amazing, yet do not forget that it has side effects too. Although Turinabol is not going to cause gynecomastia or water retention because it cannot aromatize, you should still watch out your blood pressure.

Other than this, the compound is liver hepatotoxic. That’s why cycle length shouldn’t be long and dosages shouldn’t be high. Add liver protective compounds during the cycle.

Except for hepatotoxicity, Turinabol is suppressing natural testosterone production. Another reason why a testosterone base steroid is always recommended during the Tbol cycle.

There are other possible side effects, but these are the side effects that you’ve got to take in consideration the most.

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